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Plan V1.1

TRX 100.00000000

for 1 days

Earning rate 150.00000000 TRX per day

Profit 150% for 1 days

Total Profit150.00000000 TRX

Plan V1.2

TRX 250.00000000

for 1 days

Earning rate 425.00000000 TRX per day

Profit 175% for 1 days

Total Profit425.00000000 TRX

Plan V1.3

TRX 1000.00000000

for 1 days

Earning rate 2500.00000000 TRX per day

Profit 250% for 1 days

Total Profit2500.00000000 TRX

Plan V1.4

TRX 5000.00000000

for 1 days

Earning rate 25000.00000000 TRX per day

Profit 500% for 1 days

Total Profit25000.00000000 TRX

Plan V1.5

TRX 500.00000000

for 1 days

Earning rate 3000.00000000 TRX per day

Profit 600% for 1 days

Total Profit3000.00000000 TRX

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